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I'm a 23 year old mom and Marine wife, in my case it means I am a Marine as well as the wife of a Marine. Scrubby is getting out November of this year and I got out October of 08. I have a gorgeous daughter named Aurora Abigail who turned 1 this year and a handsome son named David Anthony III who was born late August of this year. The love of my life is my husband, David! We recently relocated from my home state of California to my husbands home town of Houston, TX! I just started scrapbooking earlier this year and I have to admit that I am addicted! Especially to mini-albums and everything grungy and vintage!

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's ME!!!

Hi everyone out there!!! Just a little about myself ... my name is Stephanie!!! I'm a mother and wife. My husband's name is David and i have a daughter whose name is Aurora. She'll be turning 1 in July!!! We are also expecting our second baby due August 30th!!! Luckily for us, we are having our little boy who will be named David after his daddy! We're so blessed and lucky!!!

Before mommy and wife, I was a Marine ... I finished my 4 year contract in October of '08. David is also a Marine and we actually started dating (kind of!) while we were both in Iraq. When i got to come home from that deployment, David had to stay for another 7 months. But he got to come home for 2 weeks first. In that time we got married ... and 3 weeks after he returned to Iraq, we found out about our first little miracle baby! He came home just 4 months before she was born ... and 4 months after she was born ... we got the sneaky little surprise of our second miracle baby!!! It was a complete shock and we never expected it but here he is and we're eagerly awaiting his arrival!!!

David will be getting out of the Marines soon and we'll be making a permanent move from my gorgeous and beautiful home state of California to his hometown of Houston, Texas. I'm really looking forward to it but i can honestly say i am NOT looking forward to the humidity or the crazy weather!!!

So that's it about me and my family! Besides that my newest addiction is scrapbooking and this blog will be completely dedicated to posts about my scrap addiction! Eventually i will be adding youtube videos of my future projects and i hope i can grow a following for everyone to enjoy!

<3 smooches!!!

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