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I'm a 23 year old mom and Marine wife, in my case it means I am a Marine as well as the wife of a Marine. Scrubby is getting out November of this year and I got out October of 08. I have a gorgeous daughter named Aurora Abigail who turned 1 this year and a handsome son named David Anthony III who was born late August of this year. The love of my life is my husband, David! We recently relocated from my home state of California to my husbands home town of Houston, TX! I just started scrapbooking earlier this year and I have to admit that I am addicted! Especially to mini-albums and everything grungy and vintage!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Introducing Baby David Anthony Botello III

Hi everyone!!! I just had to post at least one picture of our new baby!!! He was born August 28th at 6:12 AM. He weighed 9lbs 4.2oz and was 20in long!!! I know most of you think that's a huge baby but our daughter was 10.6lbs! So i know i'll be hated for saying this ... but he was kind of an easy one! Except that it took them nearly 3 hours to get me the epidural after i asked for it!!! Eeek! Scrubby almost got strangled!!! lol! But here's a picture of our precious baby boy! I will be posting lots more of him and our family once we get moved and settled in. On that note ... I get our house this Saturday, the 5th! BUT ... the movers aren't bringing our things until Tuesday!!! Sucks!!! I was really forward to getting out of the in-laws this weekend and into our own place. Scrubby had to go back to California and he'll be back the 20th of this month ... this time for good! So we're very excited to be together and getting settled in to our new lives in Houston! Once we do, i'll be getting back into my scrapping groove and getting all caught up with the GGS gals! I miss all ya'll and thanks so much for all of you who have sent me and my family nothing but good thoughts and wishes through out the last month!

♥ smooches!!!
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